Vesta Polymer Nik

Manufacturer of polymer products

What is polymer?

In an attempt to obtain new materials, humans have succeeded in producing synthetic materials using organic matter (mainly hydrocarbons) found in nature. These materials mainly contain carbon, hydrogen, oxygen, nitrogen and sulfur and are known as polymeric materials.

Polymeric or synthetic materials have a wide range of applications, including in the manufacture of household appliances, toys, packaging, bags and suitcases, shoes, tables and chairs, hoses and water pipes, coatings as paints for protection against corrosion and decoration, car tires Finally, as high-strength engineering polymers, even at relatively high temperatures, they are used in the manufacture of machine components.

کارخانه وستا پلیمر

About Vestpolymer Holding

Vesta Group with more than two decades of experience in supplying and distributing various types of engineering and general polymer raw materials to manufacturers in various industries, including pharmaceutical, cosmetic, electrical and electronics, printing and packaging, and compounds and other industries in the domestic market. And is active abroad.
Also, in line with its activities since the beginning of 1394, by activating production lines of nylon, Nylex and Shrink and with the cooperation of specialized, young, dynamic and motivated forces, it has been able to join the top manufacturers in this field.
And in order to achieve economic prosperity and job creation, it intends to enter and operate in some other industries such as construction and food industries, to have a small share in the macroeconomic goals of our beloved country Iran.

Head Office: Khorramshahr St., Sohrevardi St., Tehran, IRAN