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About Nick Vestapolymer Holding

Vesta Group, with over two decades of experience in supplying and distributing various types of engineering and general polymer raw materials to manufacturers in various industries, including pharmaceutical, cosmetics, electrical and electronic, printing and packaging, and packaging and other industries in domestic markets. And it is foreign.

Also, in line with its activities since the beginning of 2015, it has been able to join the leading manufacturers in this field by activating the nylon, nylon and sherink production lines and with the help of specialized, young, dynamic and motivated forces.

And in order to achieve economic prosperity and employment, it intends to make a small contribution to the macroeconomic goals of our beloved Iran by entering into and working in other industries such as the building and food industries.

Vesta Group Trading Company, named Vesta Polymer Nick, started its activities in the field of supplying and distributing various types of raw materials for engineering and general polymers since 1996 and gradually expanded its activities to the automotive, food, cosmetics, electricity industries. And has expanded to electronics, printing and packaging, compressors, and so on and is now one of the most active trading companies in meeting the polymer needs of various industries.

درباره هلدینگ وستا پلیمر نیک
درباره وستاپلیمر

About Vestapolymer Factory

Vesta Polymer Nick Factory was started in spring 2016 by Vesta Group to participate in the positive trend of the country’s production cycle in the factory industries. Capacity of more than 300 tons per month by employing suitable machinery and equipment along with skilled professionals in the production of all kinds of polyethylene films such as nylon, nylon and shrink in all kinds of absorbents, bags and printing in a fully professional environment along with other share manufacturers From the market.

Factory goals and prospects

Vesta Group intends to gain a major share of the domestic and foreign market by doubling its efforts and coherent structure in order to maintain good quality of products, diversify products and improve customer satisfaction.

Mission Statement of Vesta Polymer Company

Vesta Polymer Manufacturing and Trading Company utilizing world-renowned personnel, commitment and technology as well as adhering to the international standards and requirements, our products are based on the knowledge-based knowledge in order to satisfy the customer and the highest level of quality in order to provide the economic benefits of the country. Supply.

Vesta Polymer Company Vision

As a premier investment company with the ability of Vesta Group experts to build the business and strive to produce the best product, with the aim of preventing potential environmental damage, we can become an inspiring and effective company in the economic goals of our beloved Iran. Let’s be.

درباره وستا پلیمر